We are vehicle upfitters that install and sell truck and special vehicle systems and parts. Having the ability to upfit small to large truck. We work with individual to large national fleet accounts. Factory trained, ASE Gold Master Technician, and OEM Master Technicians at our facility can install any equipment to meet your needs.

We are also top leaders in alternative fuel conversions. With consultation, parts, systems and installation for CNG and LPG availible.

Our Story

     We began in the automotive and truck industries as technicians. We have been involved in everything from custom race and show vehicles to large fleets in light and heavy duty applications. As time went on we were," the go to guys" people and manufacturers would call when no one could diagnose problems correctly or create vehicle solutions to meet their needs

     We started to see more electronics throughout the industry, like OBDII and Controller Area Network. We became experts on the computer side of vehicles. At the same time we were involved with alternative fuel vehicles. We became the authority in CNG and LPG as well. It became one of our stable services which has taken us all over the United States and other countries. Naturally, alternative fuels and electronics lead us to the perfect match of upfitting, which is our passion!

Our Name

     People always ask where the name Grimhall came from. It's an amalgamation of the original surnames of "JR Grimes" and "Kelsey Hall". We like the old feel it has, it's uniqueness, and of course - we are the founders of the company!

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